We are just about nearing the acceptable time to start binge-watching Christmas movies on Netflix Canada, which is great news for holiday season lovers. But there's a common theme in Christmas movies that revolves around two people meeting by fate and falling in love just in time for the holidays. If you're not into those sappy romance movies and want to enjoy Christmas without being reminded that little thing called love, then you'll enjoy these Christmas movies on Netflix Canada that aren't about love and romance.   

Christmas with the Kranks

This is a classic that came out over a decade ago but it still holds a big place in our Christmas loving hearts. Tim Allen and Jamie-Lee Curtis star in this film about their daughter going away for the holidays for the first time ever. When she calls to say she changed her mind and is coming home, the couple must go on an adventure to put together a Christmas celebration in less than a day, and they get themselves into a big mess in the process.

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Even if you don't like rom-coms, we sure do hope you like dogs. This 2011 film is about an elf, played by That's So Raven's Kyle Massey, who accidentally flies away in Santa's sleigh and it's up to Beethoven the dog to find and save him, and get Santa's sleigh back before Christmas. It also stars Canadian Munro Chambers, and is narrated by John Cleese.

Puppy Star Christmas

This is another dog based flick but it's just too cute to cozy up to and watch this holiday season. It's part of the Air Bud franchise and introduces four adorable pups into the family. They sneak onto Santa's sleigh and accidentally get themselves stuck in the North Pole, causing them to go on an adventure to save Christmas. Watch the trailer below.

Christmas Break-In

Danny Glover, Denise Richards, and Cameron Seely star in this film that has a very similar plot to Home Alone. Seely plays Izzy, a young girl who accidentally gets left at school before Christmas break when her parents are late picking her up. Much like Home Alone, there's a pair of bad guys and Izzy must fight them and rescue the kidnapped school janitor. Check out the trailer below.

Arthur Christmas

This Christmas movie is a 2011 classic that you might already know and love. It features lead character Arthur, the son of Santa, who goes on a time crunch journey to get a gift to the right recipient just in time for Christmas. Some famous actors lent their voices to this movie including Eva Longoria, Hugh Laurie, and James McAvoy as Arthur. And if you really want the movie theatre experience, Arthur Christmas will be showing at Cineplex movie theatres across Canada for only $2.99 on November 30 at 11 a.m.

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