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You Can Get Cineplex Popcorn & Snacks Delivered To Your Door In 5 Provinces

It'll make you feel like you're at the movies when you're really just at home.
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Cineplex Delivery Gets Popcorn & Snacks To Your Door In 5 Provinces

This could make weekend movie watching a whole lot more enjoyable. Cineplex delivery will give you popcorn and other movie snacks right to your door in five Canadian provinces. You can rent movies too so you can get the complete experience!

Even though theatres are closed across Canada until further notice, that doesn't mean you have to give up movie-going experience. 

It'll just have to be an at-home version.

Through Skip The Dishes and UberEats, Cineplex is offering delivery on all of your theatre favourites like popcorn, chocolate, candy, hot dogs, nachos and drinks.

If you're of legal drinking age in B.C. and Ontario, you can also order drinks from Cineplex like wine, beer and cider.

You do have to show a valid government ID to the delivery person that matches the name on the order.

Along with food and drinks, you can also get an HD movie rental.

Your order will come with a code that you can redeem online for one of the thousands of flicks offered through the Cineplex Store.

More than 100 locations in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are participating in this.

In a statement to Narcity, Cineplex said it wants to bring that in-theatre experience to people's homes with food and beverage delivery and movie rentals.

Cineplex first partnered with UberEats in 2018 and Skip The Dishes in 2019 to bring concession items to your door.

"Now, more than ever, movie-lovers are looking for ways to replicate the movie theatre experience at home," the movie giant said in a statement.

With the Movie Night In Combo, you get popcorn, drinks, candy and an HD rental included.

Regardless of if you get a free rental or pay for one, there are so many movies to choose from like classic flicks and even new releases.

With Skip The Dishes, every order over $20 has free delivery. So if you're buying show snacks for the whole family, you'll likely qualify. 

Across the country, restaurants and businesses are offering delivery so Canadians can get food, treats and even books delivered right to their door.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
    Lisa Belmonte is a Senior Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Trending Desk focused on government of Canada jobs and is based in Ontario.
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