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Cineplex Is Offering Movie Tickets For Half The Scene Points For Almost A Whole Week

It's time for a movie night.
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Attention all movie lovers, there's a new deal that's so sweet you'll want to head out to theatres every day. The Cineplex half points event is back and you can see shows for only half the Scene points! If you've been racking up the rewards now is the perfect time to redeem them.

For the half points redemption deal, you can get any general, enhanced, and even VIP ticket for half the Scene points it would normally take from December 6 to December 11.

That's almost an entire week to take advantage of this deal at any of their theatres in Canada.

A general admission ticket would cost you 1,250 points but with this deal now you can get into a regular movie for just 625 Scene points.

If you're looking to up your movie-going experience, cash in 1,000 points for any enhanced ticket, which includes UltraAVX and IMAX or 1,250 for a VIP ticket.

Even though this deal doesn't apply to food purchases, with the savings on tickets, using your points or your money for some snacks will be a little easier.

Since this offer is only valid from December 6 until December 11, you can only buy tickets for movies within that timeframe for half the Scene points.

There are so many amazing movies to watch during this event and there's a little something for everybody.

If you're in the winter and holiday mood, you can check out Frozen 2 or Last Christmas

You could also check out the flick about Mister Rogers – A Beautiful Day in the Neighorhood – finally see Joker, or watch the newest Charlie's Angels.

Even though you won't be able to see the new Star Wars movie with this half points event, there are so many other shows playing in theatres right now that you can go to.

Cineplex loves to give out deals to movie-goers like free Christmas movies on Community Day and having a half points event on No Excuses Day.

If you love going to theatres and checking out movies before they make it onto streaming services, Cineplex will be launching a new type of movie theatre that's also a dining destination and entertainment complex all under one roof at the end of 2020.

In order to take advantage of this current deal, you have to provide your Scene member card or membership number when you buy your tickets. 

So check out the movie times and get those tickets for half the points!

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