First, it was 3D movies with the flimsy blue and red glasses and then it was the new and exciting VIP cinemas. Through the years Cineplex has been at the top of movie innovation and there is even more coming.

Cineplex just announced they are launching 4DX cinemas, a brand new movie-going experience, and the most exciting part is that it's all happening right here in Canada! 

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The movie giant has partnered with a Korean based company to deliver the super-immersive 4DX experience to Canadian movie goers. Although it's currently available at the Younge and Dundas locations in Toronto, the rest of Canada is still waiting. The partnership will see now see the new technology implemented in 13 theatres across Canada. 

Cineplex has not yet announced the full list of theatres that will get 4DX but they are looking at Montreal and Vancouver as definite locations. They also announced which theatre will be the first to get the technology and it's Scotiabank Theatre Chinook in Calgary. 

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So what is 4DX anyway? Unlike 3D films, which just make it look like you're in the movie, this brand new technology will make it feel like you're actually in the film. 

The experience uses special effects like lighting, scents, smoke, rain, snow, wind, and vibrations to mirror what's happening in the movie and make the audience feel like they're part of the action. 

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The entire list of theatres to receive the technology will be released in the next couple of months. Cineplex is also currently working on a new virtual reality project. 

Source: Financial Post