A Montreal law firm is calling out entertainment giant evenko over so−called delivery fees being charged for tickets. A class−action filed last week alleges l’Arena des canadiens Inc., which owns and operates the evenko website, charges $5 to $7 for services described as an electronic ticket fee, a box office pickup fee or a mobile ticket fee.

The suit contends the services actually cost the event promoter very little. Consumer Law Group, a Montreal−based firm, claims evenko is running afoul of Quebec’s consumer protection act and considers the fee exploitative.

The suit doesn’t challenge charges for tickets that are sent by mail or courier, acknowledging there’s a cost associated with that service. Evenko says in a statement the addition of fees for ticketing is common practice in the entertainment industry. The company wouldn’t comment further given the matter is now with its lawyers.The court filing on behalf of a Montreal applicant suggests that none of evenko’s competitors charge similar fees, unless it is for the mailing or the physical delivery of tickets.