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17 Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Cleveland Right Now

Time to plan you next unforgettable adventure.
17 Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Cleveland Right Now

One of the best ways to survive a long Midwestern winter is to plan a proper getaway right in the middle of it. Consider this a much needed halftime from a freezing cold game you didn't sign up to play. 

Airfares for January and February are only going to go up, so now is the time to book a trip. Whether you want to stay closer to home, or plan something more exotic, we have got you covered.

New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Aruba, Costa Rica... all are just a few keystrokes away from being your next epic journey. Here is a definitive list of amazing air deals from Cleveland for under $400. 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Price: From $360

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With miles of white sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts and crystal clear waters waiting to be explored, Punta Cana has everything you'd expect in a Caribbean getaway. Windsurfing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling and ziplining are just a few of the diversions available in this idealic locale known as the Coconut Coast. Or, just chill by the pool with a cocktail, that's always a solid plan.

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Price: From $353

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For a distictive blend of British, American and island culture, few places can match Bermuda. The sleepy island off the coast of the Carolinas isn't a party destination, but it is truly romantic with pink sand beaches and upscale resorts. And bring your clubs, because it has more golf-courses per square mile than just about anywhere.

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New York City 

Price: From $236

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The city that never sleeps awaits your exploration. New York really needs no extra hype with its myriad museums, legendary theater scene and 5-star hotels and restaurants. Less than a 2-hour flight from Cleveland, it makes for an ideal close-to-home weekend getaway. A visit here is one you won't soon fuggetabout!

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San Jose, Costa Rica 

Price: From $358

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Ask anyone who's been to Costa Rica about how their experience was and you will get the same response "You have to go!" They can't all be lying, right? With pristine beaches, a lush jungle landscape teeming with wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and volcanoes all in close proximity to one other, this is a vacation escape like no other. Have you ever wanted to stay in a tree-house hotel? Costa Rica has you covered.

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Austin, Texas 

Price: From $288

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Musicians, artists and free spirits have been flocking to Austin for years now, and for good reason. More than just a fun college town, this city is laid back, friendly and weird in the best possible way.

It of course hosts the popular South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival each March, but there is a ton to see and do throughout the year. Go cave exploring, take a dip in the refreshing waters of Barton Springs or check out one of the best live music scenes in the country. If you appreciate a good steak dinner or delicious barbecue, you may never want to leave.

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Price: From $362

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Aruba has all of the amenities of a perfect Caribbean island: crystal clear beaches, beautiful resorts, and lots of adventures and activities. But, the charm of Aruba exists off the beaten path. The coastline is rugged and wide open, and there you can ride horses, snorkel, scuba dive or kiteboard.

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Las Vegas, Nevada 

Price: From $130

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Feeling lucky? Sin city is an affordable 4-hour flight away from Cleveland. At only $130 per person, you could earn that airfare back at the tables in a matter of minutes! So what's new in Vegas for 2018-19? From a virtual reality roller coaster at New York New York to a new E-Sports Complex and a lavish new theater at The Sands Expo Center, it's safe to say a lot. If you can't make it to Paris, this might be the next best thing...

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Los Angeles, California

Price: From $103

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Make no mistake, despite the recent tragic fires, Los Angeles and California as a whole will rebound and come back stronger. It always does. Although L.A. is constantly rebuilding and recreating its history, you can still stroll the star walk on Hollywood Boulevard, visit Warner Bros. Studios, the Griffith Park Observatory or dine at a 1940's steakhouse like Musso and Frank's. It's old, it's new, and it's wholly different from anyplace on earth. From the historic architecture of the east side to the beaches and Venice canals of the west side, this city never leaves you thinking "there's nothing to do here." via

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New Orleans, Lousiana 

Price: From $250

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It shouldn't be this easy to visit the Big Easy, should it? Cleveland is a mere hop, skip and a jump away from America's party capital. But, New Orleans is also much more than just the Bourbon Street scene. There is rich history, beautiful architecture and world-renowned cuisine. We highly recommend taking the Ghost Tour for truly chilling tales of New Orleans' sordid past.

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Park City, Utah

Price: From $293

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A winter getaway doesn't have to be of the tropical variety, of course. This skiing/snowboarding paradise is just a 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City. Perennially on the list of best ski towns in the U.S., Park City delivers the quintessential mountain vacation.

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Panama City, Panama

Price: From $306

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Think Panama is just a canal? Think again. This cosmopolitan city is a jumping off point to all of the attractions of South America. It offers a unique mixture of old and new, like the ancient ruins of Panama Viejo juxtaposed with modern skyscrapers, clubs and restaurants. Where the Atlantic meets the Pacific, Panama City is a unique city that offers beaches, islands, and a culture that is both international and traditional.

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Savannah, Georgia 

Price: From $250

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Imagine a less-crowded, more chill version of New Orleans and you have Savannah. The city is home to cobblestone squares, beautiful parks and a charming historic district. And just like in New Orleans, they let you leave the bar with your drink, aka "the traveler." Gotta love that Southern hospitality.

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Montreal, Canada

Price: From $220

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If you haven't visited Montreal, the time to do so is now. Enjoy a city with a European aesthetic that is only a short flight away. A typical night in Montreal consists of a visit to a wine bar or patiserrie, a performance at one of the 250 theatres or dance companies, and an after hours visit to a club or hipster bar. For landscape, nothing compares to the Basilique Notre-Dame or even the contemporary designs of the local hotels and apartments. Whether you visit in the fall when the leaves turn or the summer when the days go on forever, you can't go wrong anytime of year.

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Havana, Cuba

Price: From $283

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Recently opened to U.S. tourism, Cuba offers a Caribbean escape like no other. There are still certain restrictions on Cuba travel, so be sure to find a package that works for you. Once you get here you'll find a friendly people and an island with lots to explore: sugar plantations, rum distilleries, fortresses, charming seaside villages and of course, vintage automobiles.

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Seattle, Washington

Price: From $388

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No other city is quite like Seattle. Embracing the modern while preserving its roots, Seattle is known for constantly embracing the new (architecture, technology) while treasuring the old (the environment, damn good coffee.) Visit the Space Needle, Puget Sound and Pike's Place Market to get the flavor of the city, but don't forget to check out the city's amazing restaurant scene and new museums, including the Museum of Pop Culture, and the many public artworks that give the city its weird and artistic vibe.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: From $267

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Its been a year since Hurricane Maria wrought havoc on Puerto Rico, but you wouldn't know it in San Juan. The tourist culture has picked up again, cruise ships are at the ports and the restaurants and bars are open and eager for your business. Visit Old San Juan and El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a citadel that's like a time machine back to the 16th century. And best of all, Puerto Rico is part of the United States, so all you need is your driver's license to get there.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Price: From $380

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There's nothing like enjoying a Red Stripe on the beach in Jamaica. Irie. Everything in Jamaica is colorful: the buildings, the plants, the resorts, the food. Visit the crystalline beaches and waterfalls, taste tropical fruits, and groove to the constant soundtrack of reggae and island music. And where else can you climb a mountain only to zipline back down? Need an introduction to the Caribbean lifestyle? Jamaica is the place to go.

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