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This Gorgeous Ravine In Arizona Is Like The Grand Canyon Without The Crowds

All the views without all the people.
Coal Mine Canyon In Arizona Is A Hidden Gem You Need To Visit

The Grand Canyon tends to steal the show, but there are so many other places worth seeing. Coal Mine Canyon in Arizona is smaller than the Grand Canyon but no less beautiful. Plus, it's rarely crowded so you'll be able to fully enjoy the vastness of it all. 

About 15 miles east of Tuba City, this hidden gem is tucked away in the vast desert of northeast Arizona.

The canyon can be accessed off a dirt road (no worries, you won't need a four-wheel-drive to get there). Bordering the Hopi and Navajo Reservation, this area is super remote and not often visited.

Gorgeous spires, vibrant colors, and various hiking trails all present themselves to you when you arrive. You'll need a $12 permit from the Navajo Nation to trek into the canyon and explore the surrounding areas. 

While there is no designated hike around the canyon (remember, not touristy) there are some trails that will take you around. There is plenty of exploring to do here! 

You can bring your dog, take a tent, and make it a camping trip. It's a great way to experience the outdoors if you're looking to escape city life for a while. 

You can also opt for a guided hike into the canyon through the Hopi Tribe. This is a great way to experience an unknown area with people who know it well! 

The canyon is open year-round, though camping is only recommended during the warmer months. It's always perfect for taking pictures because it's so remote and rarely packed with people. 

This is an awesome excursion or adventure to get away from the crowds and experience one of the coolest hidden gems in the state. 

Coal Mine Canyon 

Price: $12

Address: Tuba City, AZ

Why You Need To Go: Check out this relatively undiscovered canyon in Arizona that's like the Grand Canyon without the crowds. 


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