Coconut Grove used to be the entertainment hub in the mid-aughts. From dining experiences to party venues, Coconut Grove was the place to be and be seen. In recent years, the tropical neighborhood has waned its luster, but, CocoWalk comeback is on its way.

Currently, CocoWalk looks like a temporary ghost town waiting for its revival. CocoWalk was the point of interest for tourists and locals looking for an elevated lifestyle. Even during CocoWalk's heydays, the epicenter of fun was missing something else for the current zeitgeist. That's why a massive renovation is taking place to bring back Miami's culture to play and relax in one of the city's most historic sites.

CocoWalk has a highly anticipated roster of tenants waiting to fill up the 150,000 square feet shopping and entertainment venue. From style-savvy fashion boutiques to two trendy dining experiences, CocoWalk will return to the intersection of Main Highway, McFarlane Road and Grand Avenue.

The new retail experience will feature new restaurants like Sushi Garage and trendy outfits from Palma de Leon. The century-old neighborhood will include Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza, Edward Beiner, The Spot Barbershop, School of Rock and Los Generales Mezcal & Grill.

Botanico Gin & Cookhouse is another dining experience that will bring a bar focused on gin cocktails infused with botanicals embracing gin's international resurgence.

Besides being one of the most scenic neighborhoods, Coconut Grove will return to be one of the city's best hotspots. 

CocoWalk's new look will feature native foliage evocative of the Grove’s lush tree canopy, an open-air courtyard, extending into the adjacent pedestrian streetscape and re-designed architecture.

Local consumers are seeking a renovated experience that includes art, entertainment, shopping and dining along with beautiful public spaces. After all, CocoWalk is a place to enjoy nature while going for brunch.

The stylish neighborhood is expected to be open to the public by Spring 2020, bringing a new era to CocoWalk. An era of glamour, glitz and gusto.