As states slowly begin to reopen, there's one, in particular, that's urging travelers not to travel. The Colorado Tourism Office recently launched its first-ever campaign urging explorers to stay home. Instead of journeying to the state, the CTO wants you to share your "pretend" travel moments instead. 

On May 11, the CTO director, Cathy Ritter, said, "For now, we hope our message keeps Colorado top of mind as a beloved vacation destination. We also hope it gives all of those who yearn for Colorado a fun outlet for expressing what they plan to get out and do when the time is right."

Dubbed using the hashtag WaitingToCO, the first phase of the four-step campaign will be geared towards reviving the state's tourism economy. 

The campaign is "designed not to attract visitors to the state, but rather keep them pining for Colorado from the safety of their homes."

The CTO is encouraging individuals who want to visit Colorado in the future to share their pretend travel moments. 

Hilarious pictures and videos are the results of this new push. One video shows a woman "kayaking" in her bathtub. 

The next phase of the campaign called "Ready to CO" will encourage Colorado residents to get outside and explore their state.

There's no set time for this second-step; however, it will be based on guidance from public health officials. Until then, keep the at-home moments coming. 

Another Instagram user shared their pretend travel moment geared towards restaurants.

It shows a dog sitting on a chair with a brew on the table. The post reads, "Until our favorite dog-friendly breweries open up, we'll stay home & keep #waitingtoco."

Tourism is the second largest employer in Colorado and supports 174,400 jobs. 

The CTO is currently working on new materials to educate travelers on how to traverse the state safely and responsibly. 

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