31 Secret Places In Columbus To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Get those brownie points up!
31 Secret Places In Columbus To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Summer is perfect for spending some quality time with your S/O outdoors. From day dates in the beautiful sunshine to romantic evening strolls, there's plenty of things to do to make it a real summer of love. And you don't have to stick to the old faithful dinner and dessert or drinks at some random bar.

Columbus has some of the best, most romantic spots that you and your girlfriend can hit up together to strengthen your bond and give you some serious brownie points. And the best part is, after reading this list, you won't even have to guess or search for a sweet place to bring your S/O. We've done that for you so you can just plan the date and impress your girl.

1. Hayden Falls 

Where: 4326 Hayden Run Road 

Hidden inside a nature preserve, this stunning waterfall is the perfect place to take your girlfriend this summer. The serene surroundings are perfect for a romantic stroll. 

2. The Scioto Mile Fountains

Where: Bicentennial Park 

This super cool fountain is the highlight of Bicentennial Park and the perfect place to cool down when you seriously need to beat the heat. You don't have to be a kid to want to go.

3. The Topiary Park

Where: 480 E Town Street 

Combining thoughtful art and tranquil nature, The Topiary Park is the perfect place to indulge in your visual senses. With the juxtaposition of art in nature, this is one of the best places for a day date. 

4. Anti-Saloon League Museum

Where: 110 S State Street 

This blast from the past is the perfect place to learn a little about local history with your S/O this summer. With works from as early as WWI, this museum is sure to spark your curiosity. 

5. Visit the home of Eddie Rickenbacker

Where: 1334 East Livingston Avenue

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker was a WWI flying ace and his childhood home is now a beloved historical landmark in Columbus. Visit his home, which is now the Rickenbacker Woods Foundation, and be a part of Columbus' rich history. 

6. Cornhenge

Where: 4995 Rings Road

This quirky field of concrete corn has been dubbed Cornhenge, a parody of the slightly more famous Stonehenge. It's no joke, though. The beautiful field of inedible corn is a feast for the eyes and you and your S/O will have a great time being silly here.

7. Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream

Where: 19 S Franklin Street

This delicious ice cream shop is hidden inside what looks like your typical residential home. The ice cream comes in some wild flavors and what's better than an ice cream date on a hot summer day? 

8. Explore the tunnels under Ohio State University

Where: 281 W. Lane Ave

Back in the 1800's, Ohio State University created a series of tunnels to connect the university's piping system. Now, they're just used for tours. You can take your girlfriend on a unique exploration beneath the higher learning center.

9. The Gates of Hell

Where: North High Street

Via Tim Perdue

This hauntingly cool tunnel beneath North High Street is the perfect place to get your adrenaline up through exploration. There are scary stories surrounding the tunnel, such as a death and haunting, but it's really just a cool place to see while holding hands.

10. The Kelton House Museum and Garden

Where: 586 E Town Street

This historical landmark was once a stop on the underground railroad but now it's a beautiful garden and museum that you and your girlfriend can enjoy together. 

11. The Cupola of the Ohio Statehouse

Where: 1 Capitol Square

The Ohio Statehouse has a stunning ceiling. It's also a great place to solidify your relationship's love because of the beauty it has to offer. 

12. Biological Sciences Greenhouse 

Where: 281 W. Lane Avenue

This stunning green oasis at Ohio State University will transport you and your S/O to a tropical paradise without you having to leave the city. They also have something called corpse flowers, which are super rare.

13. Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse

Where: 3055 Indianola Avenue

This super retro cinema house combines two of the best things to do on a date—beer and movies. Grab your S/O and toss a few back while catching the latest hit blockbuster or go on one of their special event nights. 

14. Whetstone Park of Roses

Where: 3901 N High Street

Skip the bouquet of flowers that she'll just put in a vase and forget about and treat her to a day of being surrounded by the most beautiful rose species around. She'll love the beauty of the park and you'll love how happy she is getting to stop and smell the roses with you. 

15. Glen Echo Park

Where: 510 Cliffside Drive

This neighborhood park is full of natural beauty and trails to have romantic strolls on with your S/O. It's also rumored to be haunted if you're into that sort of thing. 

16. The Hills Market Downtown

Where: 95 N Grant Avenue

Plan a romantic dinner date for your S/O by bringing them to one of the coolest specialty grocery stores in Columbus. Get her to pick out her favorite meal, enjoy their café, and then wow her with your skills in the kitchen. 

17. The Book Loft

Where: 631 S 3rd Street

Make love to your S/O's mind by taking them to one of the biggest independent bookstores in the entire country. You can both choose love stories to read for each other, and couples who read together, stay together.

18. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Where: 1813 N High Street

Get your nerd on at this exceptional cartoon museum. They feature new exhibits all the time, all focused on the history of American cartoons and comics. 

19.  The Rambling House

Where: 310 E Hudson Street

This hidden gem live music bar is the perfect spot to check out some local talent and jam out to some seriously good tunes for date night. They opened with a focus on craft sodas, so the drinks are out of this world, too. 

20. Marvel at the bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Where: 1415 Darby Creek Drive

With over 7000 acres of forest, prairies, and wetlands to explore, this nature park is the perfect place to spend the day with your love. The coolest draw is the majestic bison roaming around. Don't get too close! 

21. Hitch a ride on the Pedal Wagon

Where: 1350 North High Street

Party your way through the city you love on the Pedal Wagon. This 15-person party bike isn't like any uber you'll ever take, and it may just show off Columbus in a whole new light. 

22. AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Where: 13515 Yarmouth Drive

Browse the evolution of one of the coolest mode of transportation to ever hit the pavement—the motorcycle! Showcasing iconic bikes and history on the heroes that rode them, this is the raddest history lesson you'll ever take part in. 

23.  Early Television Museum

Where: 5396 Franklin Street

This small museum is mighty with the history of where television all started, and since you and your S/O probably perfected the art of binge-watching your favorite shows, you'll find the fun of learning where it all started to be the perfect date. 

24. Griggs Reservoir Park 

Where: 2933 Riverside Drive

This stunning riverfront park offers beautiful trails, nature preserves, lighted woods and even a disc golf course. Its romance factor is seriously off the charts. 

25. Frank Fetch Park 

Where: 228 E Beck Street

This beautiful park is tucked in the German Village and is truly a hidden gem in the city. It's stone pathways and the array of flowers make for a super romantic evening stroll.

26. Side by Side Park

Where: 579 W 3rd Avenue

Via City of Columbus

This hidden park has it all. A beautiful trail, formal gardens full of stunning flowers, and a sculpture. It's the perfect place for a romantic escape from the city.

27.  Sensenbrenner Park

Where: 300 N High Street 

This downtown corner park is stacked with beauty for the perfect date.  With flower gardens, a stunning fountain, and shade trees and picnic tables, it's the best place in the city for a quiet romantic lunch date. 

28. Olentangy Indian Caverns

Where: 1779 Home Road

Made of limestone rock, these seriously cool caverns were formed millions of years ago. There's a bunch of different caves and passages over three levels, so there's plenty for you and your S/O to explore. 

29. Martha Walker Garden

Where: 1098 Mt Pleasant Avenue

Take a romantic stroll through this beautiful garden while holding hands and spilling your hearts desires.

30. Alum Creek State Park Beach

Where: 3400 Lewis Center Road

What's better than spending a day at the beach with the one you love? This 3000-foot beach is perfect for a little privacy because of its size, and you're S/O will love relaxing in the sunshine. 

31. Perkins Observatory

Where: 3199 Columbus Pike

Spend some time among the stars with your S/O this summer at the Perkins Observatory. You can venture through space together and experience the vastness of the universe. 

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