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You Can Watch A Concert From 333 Feet Below Earth's Surface In A Tennessee Cave

Say hello to your new favorite music venue.
Concerts In Tennessee 2020 Include This Underground Music Venue In A Cave

You may love the Bridgestone Arena for its ample seating and huge monitors or the Nashville Municipal Auditorium for its more intimate setting, but there's another venue that's a bit unlike the rest. This underground cave in Tennessee doubles as a music hall and it's a hotspot for watching concerts in Tennessee in 2020

Cumberland Caverns is about an hour and a half outside Nashville, but it's both a musical experience and a spelunking adventure. 

For over 55 years, artists have flocked to the Volcano Room to put on shows that are a journey into the center of the earth. 

Starting in April, you can take in a concert 333 feet underground within the massive system of caves that extend 30 miles

This concert season, the cheapest tickets start at $35 and the highest hit only $90. 

The lineup includes The Outlaws, Jordan Feliz and Edwin McCain, although the experience of being in a cave with unmatched acoustics alone is worth the trip

Despite it being late spring and summer during the shows, the cave maintains a temperature of 56 degrees year-round, so it's best to bring a sweater or blanket to snuggle up. 

There are about 600 available seats for each show, inevitably leading to several sold-out shows since it's so intimate. 

All tickets are already on sale, which means there's no time to think — just buy.

Each show even has the optional upgrade of a pre-show tour of the cavern for an added $21 after fees.

If you're looking for an all-inclusive experience, the Legacy Overnight Tour lets you get your hands a little dirty as you explore the ins and outs of the majestic landscape. 

That means you can have a sleepover in the cave with breakfast the next morning — count us in. 

Cumberland Caverns Live 

Price: $35+

Address: 1437 Cumberland Caverns Rd., McMinnville, TN

Why You Need To Go: This venue goes all out to provide guest an unforgettable underground experience. 


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