On Thursday afternoon, the Conservative Party of Canada released a new campaign ad, explaining to viewers what a great leader Andrew Scheer would be for the country. However, rather than use actual Andrew Scheer in the video about how good Andrew Scheer is, they decided to use … Stephen Harper. Not prepared to let this golden opportunity go, the Liberal Party was quick to capitalize on the confusing message, urging Canadians to donate to their funds instead.

Sharing their new campaign video, the Conservative Party Twitter page wrote, “The election is only a few weeks away now, and Canada is at a turning point. We need to make Andrew Scheer the next Prime Minister of Canada, but we need your help to do it. Click here to contribute to our election fund.”

The video was met with confused responses from Conservative and Liberal voters alike, with pretty much everyone asking the same thing, “Why is Harper here?!” However, amidst all of the questions and confusion, the Liberals spotted a golden opportunity.

It is not uncommon for the Liberal Party to draw comparisons between Harper and Scheer, with the party taking every opportunity to suggest Scheer would take the country back to a time of austerity and minimal action on issues such as climate change. 

Trudeau has also described Scheer on numerous occasions as, “Harper with a smile” and, according to Global News, has gone so far as to maintain that Scheer “doesn’t take any important decisions without consulting Stephen Harper.”

Almost as if it was made for them to take advantage of, the Liberals quickly jumped on the Harper-Scheer campaign video, and shared it with an agenda of their own.

Sharing the video to their own Twitter page, the Liberal Party wrote, “The Conservatives don’t like it when we point out that Andrew Scheer wants to take Canada back to the days of Stephen Harper.”

“Well don’t take our word for it,” they continued, “just listen to Harper fundraising for Scheer in this new video.”

The post concluded by adding, “Donate now to choose forward with Justin Trudeau rather than going backwards under Stephen Harper. Sorry, we meant Andrew Scheer.”

While in this case, it almost seems like the Conservatives have played straight into the Liberal’s hands, there is still weeks left until October’s federal election, and there is still plenty of time for them to get one back!

The federal election is scheduled for October 21, 2019.

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