Netflix's Newest Series Is The Perfect Combo Of 'Gossip Girl' & 'Black Mirror'

The drama never ends!
Netflix's Newest Series Is The Perfect Combo Of 'Gossip Girl' & 'Black Mirror'

Hey, Upper Eastsiders! Gossip Girl may have ended nearly eight years ago, but Netflix has a new series on the way that combines all the drama of Serena and Blair with the thrilling twists of Black Mirror. The show is called Control Z, and it’s set to premiere late next month.

Not too much about the upcoming series was revealed in the teaser trailer released today, but what we know so far is that it takes place in a high school, where a hacker suddenly begins to release the juiciest secrets of all the students, exposing them to their peers.

One student, Sofia, takes it upon herself to hunt down who the hacker could possibly be in hopes of protecting her friends and classmates, but it won’t be easy.

The known cast members of Control Z so far are Xabiani Ponce de León (This Is Not Berlin), Ariana Saavedra (Three Rooms), Lidia San José (Luis Miguel: The Series), Ana Valeria Becerril (April’s Daughter), Michael Ronda (Once), and Yankel Stevan (Waking Up with You).

According to Next TV News, the series is just one of 14 original productions coming from Mexico that will be added to the streaming service in 2020. Other titles include Desenfrenadas, Selena: The Series, and a second season of Nailed It! Mexico.

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The teaser was only released a few hours ago, but viewers are already beginning to compare Control Z to other shows and movies. The most popular option appears to be Gossip Girl, but others have suggested Black Mirror, Assassination Nation, Pretty Little Liars, and Nerve.

“Gossip Girl International,” one comment reads.

“Y'all saying Nerve and gossip girl, but what about Assassination Nation?” asked another viewer.

“This looks like a Black Mirror episode,” yet another viewer replied.

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May is already looking to be a stacked month for Netflix in terms of new original content. Shows like Hollywood, The Eddy, Valeria, and Space Force will all be making their way onto the streaming service in the coming weeks.

Control Z is coming to Netflix on May 22. You can check out the teaser trailer for the new original series below.

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