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In foodie speak, fall can loosely be translated to: eat, eat, eat. There’s just something about savouring hearty, satisfying bites come the cool weather that makes eating all the more enjoyable. 

And that’s exactly why Copper Branch’s menu is a total must-try this season. Recognized country-wide for their always-fresh, chef-inspired eats, Copper Branch serves 100% plant-based food.

That includes everything from power bowls and burgers (their Mushroom Galaxy Burger, for example, features a thick, juicy roasted portobello mushroom, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, and I think pure, unfiltered happiness?) to sides, soups, and even all-day breakfast. That’s right, friends — all. day. breakfast. And let’s not forget the desserts (hello Cashew Lime Cheezecake).

But if you're in the mood to switch it up a bit and try a mouthwatering new dish, then here's some good news for you: from November 1-7, Copper Branch is offering their brand-new Copper Deluxe Burger for just $3.99! Seriously, that's probably less than your daily dose of caffeine. Available as of October 28, this menu addition features their delicious beet patty topped with caramelized onions, guacamole, alfafa sprouts, Cape Cod chips, and their new Copper sauce. This tasty specialty burger is an absolute must-try!

Copper Branch's menu items always combine whole foods, unprocessed ingredients and great flavour — ‘cause let’s get real, these guys put just as much emphasis on “nutritious” as they do “delicious.”

Although they've got a fixed, year-round menu, Copper Branch is constantly launching new, limited-time dishes to their menu throughout the year, just to keep things fresh and exciting.

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Their latest fall-themed menu items include their Coconut Curry Masala power bowl, Tempeh Rice Rolls, and Butternut Squash Seasonal Soup. Delicious? I think yes! But these comforting, seasonal dishes will only be available for three months, so hurry up and get your fix!

Fun fact: Copper Branch is Canada’s largest chain of 100% plant-based restaurants. Because they’ve got plenty of locations throughout the entire country, including Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Dieppe, you can totally join in on all the tastiness and try Copper Branch for yourself... and bring a friend while you're at it!

New Copper Deluxe Burger 

Where: Canada-wide.

When: November 1-7, 2019.

Cost: $3.99 for a limited time (the dates mentioned above).

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For more info and to snag your own Copper Deluxe for only $3.99, check out Copper Branch’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. You can also check out all of their locations here