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You Can Now Enjoy Cora's Breakfast On Your Next WestJet Flight And We're Already Drooling

Enjoy a mouthwatering Cora breakfast on your next flight!

Your breakfast is going to be even better on your next WestJet flight! WestJet just announced they have partnered with beloved breakfast chain Cora Breakfast. Now you can enjoy a Cora breakfast on WestJet flights

That's right you can enjoy a delicious Cora breakfast onboard WestJet. Cora breakfasts began service aboard WestJet flights on June 26. The meals are served on most flights in the morning that are at least 2.5 hours long in the Premium cabin. Now that is something to look forward to on your next early morning flight!

Cora restaurants have long been a breakfast tradition in Canada. Cora started in Canada in 1987, and now have more than 130 restaurants, with another 10 locations opening this year! It is Canada's largest restaurant breakfast and lunch chain and is known for quality food and a cozy setting.

Aboard WestJet, the Cora breakfasts you can enjoy are inspired classic Cora favourites. You can try their signature smoked turkey eggs Ben et Dictine, which is an eggs benedict (poached egg on an English muffin topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce).

There is also a vegetable skillet which is loaded with assorted vegetables, and topped with an egg. Or you can start your day with a delicious plate of spinach and aged cheddar omelette served with turkey sausage. All three breakfasts sound fantastic. Which meal do you want to try first?

The three breakfast options are available in rotation. Starting this fall there will be a change to the menu with new delicious Cora meals being offered. All the Cora breakfasts offered are served on a tray with stainless-steel utensils and a serving of fruit.

Cora Breakfast On WestJet Flights

When: Most flights as of June 26 that are at least 2.5 hours long when you have a seat in the Premium Cabin.

Why you need it: Enjoy a mouthwatering Cora breakfast on your next flight!