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Corinne Posts On Social Media For The First Time Since Bachelor In Paradise Controversy

Corinne has been a topic of discussion since the whole Bachelor In Paradise controversy over the past couple weeks. In lieu of the scandal, Corinne has been noticeably absent from social media, meaning no selfies, fun posts of her day-drinking, or any #TEAMCORN merch promo. 

The last we'd heard from her was his fun promo-tweet of her looking adorable, shouting out her Team Corn merch: 

New accessories drop tomorrow at ❣️

May 31, 2017

We were all pretty shook and concerned when Bachelor In Paradise stopped filming due to alleged sexual misconduct from Corinne & DeMario. When Warner Brother's investigation proved that there was no foul play at hand, we breathed a sigh of relief, and also posed many questions for the upcoming season. 

Corinne made her return to social media soft and sweet - much unlike her life-of-the-party Bachelor persona. She posted this cute shot dining at the Waldorf in Beverly Hills, in true Corinne fashion, with a simple flower emoji. Glad to see you're back, C! 

via @colympios

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