Fake Coronavirus Alerts Are Spreading Across Ontario Post-Secondary Schools

Schools have released statements to inform their students of the fake news.
Coronavirus Fake News Spread To At Least 3 Ontario Post-Secondary Schools

The coronavirus frenzy got a little out of hand after three false incidents were reported in the GTHA. The misinformation was all released by unknown sources at three post-secondary schools, leading to a false panic that the virus had spread to campuses. The coronavirus fake news was quickly debunked, but authorities are still puzzled as to who was spreading the false alarm.The three schools in question have done investigations to confirm that the claims were false. Ryerson, McMaster and Durham College were the three schools that were supposedly at risk. All three of the institutions took to social media to ensure students and staff that there is currently no threat of infection. The first false claim was reported at Ryerson after a fake screenshot of the university's security incidents page began circling online. 

The screenshot stated that there had been a virus outbreak and that two students had been admitted to hospital, which was not accurate. McMaster University also had a circulating image of a supposed quarantine notice on campus. The university quickly shut the rumour down on their website as well as on their social media pages. The third incident was at Durham College, where there had been a video going around of an ambulance and people in hazmat suits on campus. 

All of these claims were false, leading to increased and unnecessary panic about the issue. 

"A picture has been circulating of what appears to be a quarantine notice in residence related to a possible coronavirus infection," read a statement from McMaster. 

"McMaster has confirmed that this sign was false, and there is no cause for concern."

However, the new coronavirus strain continues to make headlines as cases are reportedly on the rise.  As of today, there are over 4,500 cases, according to the New York Times.

Yesterday, it was reported the second presumptive case had been confirmed in Toronto.

Currently, Canadians are being advised to avoid all travel to parts of China. 

Government officials are still stating that the risk to Canadian residents remains low.

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