Canada's Governor General Says The Coronavirus "A Clever Beast" (VIDEO)

She said we must "hold the line."
Canada's Governor General Says The Coronavirus "A Clever Beast" (VIDEO)

The coronavirus is a living thing that is doing its best to spread. Meanwhile, authorities and governments are doing their best to provide adequate information on how to beat it. The country's Governor General even addressed the outbreak of coronavirus in Canada in a new video. 

In a YouTube video posted on March 25, Julie Payette spoke about the "complex and difficult situation" that Canadians are now up against.

"We are facing an invisible adversary that threatens our way of life," she said, "It is already affecting us with full force."

Payette noted that many people were beginning to adapt to their new reality, but emphasized that everyone still needs to "hold the line."

"Because this virus does not know borders, or timeline, colour or nationality. It zeros in on the most vulnerable, but it lives everywhere," the Governor General said, "Not just on people, but on doorknobs and table counters. It is a clever beast that we cannot underestimate."

The video's message reiterated many of the things that Canadians have been told over and over in regard to beating the virus: staying home, washing your hands, and keep up to date on the latest information.

Payette followed the Prime Minister's strict social distancing message, saying "Resist – and this is important – resist the temptation to visit friends and neighbours."

The other major message in Payette's video was that people should trust in the science behind the fight against COVID-19.

"With time, the virus will be defeated," she said, "Scientists are working on it frantically, among them are some of our brightest Canadian researchers."

Payette also expressed gratitude toward all of the people working on the frontline, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

She also extended thanks to all of the Canadians who are following social distancing guidelines

The Governor General concluded by saying that this is a difficult time, but that as a nation we need to stay united.

"This situation might very well last a while," she said, "But we have seen uncertain times before and we will prevail. We have the will. We have the spirit."

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