Social distancing has become the newest COVID-19 trend. The growing number of people with coronavirus in Canada has prompted some provinces to urge cancelling large events. The Government also released its own guide concerning mass gatherings.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is recommending that people make "Risk-informed" decisions when it comes to planning any sort of mass gatherings.

The agency's website includes a helpful chart with criteria such as how many people are attending the event, activities, resources, and duration.

These characteristics are also ranked as being high, medium or low importance. 

The table features questions in regard to event decisions that include "Are persons attending the event coming from regions where there is community transmission of COVID-19 or from countries with unreliable surveillance of the disease?" and "Will participants be consistently within 2 metres of one another?"

They recommend that if you're unsure about going forward with any public gathering, ask yourself these questions to determine the risks.

There is also information about the transmission of COVID-19 included on the page, including how it could spread, how severe the disease is, and how long it could take from the time of exposure to when you start showing symptoms.

The agency also makes its own recommendations for how to reduce transmission in larger groups of people.

These include having handwashing stations readily available, serving packaged food as opposed to buffets, offering to live-stream any activities, and staggering arrival and departure times to prevent overcrowding.

Some provinces have been proactive in working to prevent mass gatherings.

Ontario and British Columbia health officials have asked that any public gatherings over 250 people be cancelled. 

Both Alberta and Quebec have gone further in banning all public activities in their provinces until further notice to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus cases in Canada continue to rise, with even Sophie Gregoire Trudeau entering quarantine after being diagnosed with the highly contagious illness.

A number of major events and even sports leagues have completely shut down to prevent the potential spread of the virus among large groups of people.