Ontario Is Monitoring 4 New Possible Coronavirus Cases, Bringing The Total To 27

There have been two confirmed cases in the province.
Coronavirus In Ontario: Province Is Tracking 4 New Possible Cases, Bringing Total To 27

The provincial public health department announced on Thursday, January 30, that the tracking of coronavirus in Ontario has found four more possible cases. That brings the total potential infected Ontarians to 27. However, it was stressed that still only two confirmed bouts have been found so far.

One day after a second case was confirmed in Toronto, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, the Associate Chief Medical Officer in Ontario, said in a press conference that the province has carried out 67 tests altogether for the virus, according to CBC.

The majority of those, 38, have been negative. While two cases have been confirmed, results are being awaited for the other 27.

"Right now, we don't have any evidence of this infection spreading in Toronto or in Ontario," Dr. Yaffe continued.

She added that the majority of the 27 individuals awaiting results are currently isolated in their homes to reduce the risk of contact. 

According to CP24, Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, said this latest update is reassuring, given that nobody else has tested positive in the province at this stage.  

However, he stressed that Ontario is still on high alert.

"This is reassuring in a way, but not in a way that we are going to sit back and coast," Dr. Williams said.

According to CBC, the two Ontario cases of novel coronavirus so far are a husband and wife in their 50s who recently travelled to Wuhan.

Dr. Yaffe added that Toronto Public Health had successfully reached out to everyone who had been sitting about three metres from the couple on a China Southern Airlines flight on January 22.

The City of Toronto insists the risk of infection still remains low.

Doctors in the province have also widened their efforts with a focus on more testing, per CP24.

Anyone who has travelled anywhere in the Hubei province of China who has any symptoms including a cough, breathing issues, or fever will be tested.

Dr. Williams says that Ontarians should be confident the system is working and that people that have symptoms who have a travel history are self-reporting, according to the National Post.

However, that has not appeared to stop the panic setting in among some of the provincial population.

On Monday, Ryerson University insisted that a supposed "security incident" which suggested two students had caught the disease was "fake."

Within hours, other schools in Ontario were reporting similar "hoaxes."

Meanwhile, in places such as Ottawa, pharmacies are actually running out of surgical face masks as concern over the disease's spread continues.

On Wednesday, the Canadian government announced it is attempting to secure a plane for the specific purpose of flying home those citizens who are currently stuck in Wuhan.

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