Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim Cups Are Officially Cancelled Amid Coronavirus Fears

No one is rolling up any rims.
Coronavirus: Tim Hortons Cancels Roll Up The Rim Cups As The Contest Goes Online

Every year, Canadians chug their Tim Hortons coffee and use their teeth to unfurl the soggy rim of their paper cup to see if they've won at least a free doughnut or coffee. At a time where people are concerned about the novel coronavirus, Tim Hortons is taking the paper cups out of roll-up-the-rim this spring. But don't grab your pitchfork just yet because all the prizes will still be available online or through the app.

Roll-Up-The-Rim is slated to start on Wednesday, March 11 and will run until Tuesday, April 7.

In a press release, the chain announced it's not the best time for their employees to be handling tabs that were just in people's mouths.

However, they hope their online version of the game makes up for it. They've been warning the public about the shift towards digital gift-giving for a while and had previously told patrons that they'll need an app in order to participate this year.

They first announced changes due to COVID-19 on Friday, March 6, when they banned the acceptance of all reusable cups in their stores.

Now, instead of handing your saliva-drenched cup tabs to another human being, the chain's cash registers will be programmed to randomly distribute the hot drink prizes among paying customers.

Meanwhile, digital rolls are tallied on their app or website. Just scan your loyalty card or app when buying hot drinks for a chance to win big.

Prizes range anywhere from free coffee or hot beverages to larger gains like gift cards, TVs, and even cars.

$14 million in free drinks will be given away, on top of $16 million in larger prizes like reward miles or vehicles.

In Canada, the novel coronavirus has been on the minds of many people. Costco, for instance, saw supplies flying off the shelves as shoppers raced in to stock up on survival necessities like canned goods or toilet paper.

Meanwhile, the virus has been popping up across the country, with Alberta recently reporting its first presumptive case of COVID-19.

Despite all the concerns, the Public Health Association of Canada is saying the country is at low risk for the virus.

There are currently 57 total confirmed cases in the nation, with Ontario and B.C. taking the brunt of the damage; 28 are in Ontario and 27 in B.C.

Experts say frequent hand-washing or hand sanitization is among the best defences against COVID-19. The virus's symptoms include coughing, fever, and respiratory problems.

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