Canada Currently Has Active Travel Health Advisories For 7 Places Because Of COVID-19

There are different levels of advisories.
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Coronavirus Travel Advisory Have Been Issued By Canada For 7 Places Around The World

With a virus spreading, going to different places in the world can get tricky. A coronavirus travel advisory issued by Canada is currently in effect for seven places around the world because of the health risks associated with COVID-19. If you're travelling soon, you should keep up to date with advisories and warnings.

The government of Canada's travel advice page for COVID-19 has information about travel notices, health risks, safety and security abroad, and what returning travellers should do.

It also suggests that people check the page for destinations with active travel health notices for the virus before they travel to see if there are risks where they're going.

Seven places around the world currently have active travel health notices issued.

Each has a level assigned to it which tells people what precautions they should take whether it's avoiding all travel or just doing regular health safeguards.

The government stated that "these risk levels may change as the COVID-19 event evolves internationally."

There are four levels assigned by Canada that correspond with these suggestions: practice usual precautions, practice special precautions, avoid non-essential travel, and avoid all travel.

China is currently at level three, avoid non-essential travel, which means the government thinks it's best for people not to go there unless they absolutely have to.

"Travellers who get ill while travelling in China may have limited access to timely and appropriate health care," the advisory stated.

For Hong Kong, the Public Health Agency of Canada isn't recommending that people cancel or postpone their travel because of the virus.

Since it's at a level one, that means doing usual precautions to protect from respiratory illnesses.

Iran is at a level two, so travellers should practice special precautions to keep themselves safe and be vigilant.

According to the government, older people and those with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk of getting COVID-19 and should consider putting off travel there.

Like Hong Kong, Japan is also listed at level one so normal steps should be taken to protect against respiratory illnesses.

In northern Italy, an outbreak has led the government to advise older people and those in poor health to postpone travel there. 

Also, strict control measures have been put into place in the region so that could also impact travel.

For travellers headed to Singapore, be sure to take normal precautions against respiratory illnesses. Nothing special or out of the norm needs to be done at this time.

In South Korea, there is a particularly high risk to travellers in the Daegu and Cheongdo areas because there have been widespread transmissions of the virus.

The government advises that people could choose to avoid non-essential travel to those two areas.

Control measures could also impact the access travellers have to health care there.

Since this is an ongoing and changing situation, more advisories could be added and current ones could be upgraded or downgraded. 

Be sure to keep up to date with warnings from the government of Canada.

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