A couple in Michigan, who also happen to be actual photographers, recently created TV dinners based on popular Christmas movies and not only are they the cutest things ever, they also give us a new idea of how to make the holiday season in quarantine a little more fun.

Michelle Gerard and Jenna Belevender are commercial and editorial photographers and are always coming up with innovative ways to tell stories through photos involving food.

They've been posting their super cool and extremely creative photo scenes to Bored Panda all throughout quarantine, and this new one just might take the cake.

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Your "Gremlins" TV dinner consists of fried chicken and gingerbread cookies.

Of course, the scene that partly inspired this pairing is the gremlins' (sans Gizmo) love of fried chicken.

Your "Home Alone" TV dinner is made up of, naturally, all of Kevin McCallister's favorite foods to eat all at once after discovering he is...well, home alone.

Inspired by "The Family Stone," this next TV dinner is made up of strata, brownies, and coffee.

This one, of course, being inspired by one of the wildest kitchen scenes in recent Christmas film history (RIP to Meredith's strata, a Morton family tradition).

There are six TV dinners all together, including ones from "Die Hard" (it's a Christmas movie, sorry), "Edward Scissorhands", and "White Christmas," which can all be viewed on the artist's Instagram page.