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Matthew Perry’s Former “Friends” Co-Stars Were Falsely Accused Of Abandoning Him

He has been in therapy for his addiction for years.

Though the song promises that "I'll be there for you", a recent fake post by a tabloid announced that the actors aren't doing that for their friend. The 50-year-old has reportedly had addiction struggles in the past, but he now has a new girlfriend who is helping with his sobriety. However, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston were falsely accused of abandoning their friendship with Matthew Perry. 

Friends ended in 2004, but after spending a decade on screen together, one would assume that the cast still has a strong friendship.

Aniston recently introduced herself to Instagram and brought with her tons of selfies and photos that we never knew we needed. Lots are with her gal pals, Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Perhaps that's what sparked the National Enquirer to publish a story about the former co-stars' friendship.

According to Gossip Cop, the tabloid wrote that "Aniston and Cox are fed up with their former Friends co-star amid his struggles with sobriety. 'They promised to look after Matthew after he slid off the rails a few months ago,' an anonymous source tells the magazine. 'But it seems they’ve either forgotten, can’t be bothered or just look at him as a lost cause.'"

They also wrote that Perry wasn't at Cox's or Aniston's get-togethers recently.

But they continued, "Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer weren’t at those holiday parties either, so it’s not as if Perry was singled out. The women of Friends are simply closer with each other than their male co-stars, but they all keep in touch."

Gossip Cop wrote that "the alleged tipster goes on to say that Aniston and Cox 'don’t believe' Perry 'when he says he's determined to stay sober.' The unknown insider adds, 'Courteney and Jen don’t want him at their parties among their A-list friends. They’ll work with him on the expected Friends reunion, but they’re done socializing with him.'"

The original report was totally made up according to Gossip Cop.

In November, Cox posted a selfie with Perry after grabbing lunch together showing that their friendship is still going, even if their on-screen marriage ended years ago. 

A few months before that, she also posted a photo celebrating her birthday with Aniston and Kudrow. 

Just yesterday, the We're the Millers actress shared a photo on her Instagram of her BFFs. She posted a photo with Cox and Kudrow and even referenced the sitcom with the caption, "Hi from the girls across the hall".

Perry has reportedly been in a relationship for months with a talent manager from New York named Molly Hurwitz. 

According to The Sun, the 28-year-old actually helps her boyfriend with his sobriety. 

He had a Vicodin addiction in the late 90s and first entered rehab in 2001. He tweeted in February 2019 that he's still in therapy.