In a statement this weekend, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer had some good news for Canadians. On Saturday, Dr. Theresa Tam confirmed that more than 50% of the COVID-19 cases in Canada are now recovered. This means that more than 37,000 people are feeling better! 

On Saturday, May 16, Dr. Theresa Tam issued an official statement via the Government of Canada website, updating Canadians with the latest COVID-19 facts and figures.

This time, the Chief Public Health Officer had some good news to share.

"As of Saturday, May 16, there are 75,004 COVID-19 cases, including 5,595 deaths,” Dr. Tam began.

She continued, “More than 37,274 or 50 percent of cases are now recovered."

By Sunday, according to Worldometers, the number of those recovered had reached 38,159. Of the 32,343 active cases, only 2% are believed to be critical, while 98% remain in a "mild condition."

Dr. Tam went on to note that labs across Canada have now tested more than 1,265,000 people for the disease, with around 6% showing a positive result.

This huge number of recoveries has continued to rise since the beginning of the month, and is evidence of yet another positive step towards flattening the curve in Canada.

Despite the good news, Dr. Tam urged Canadians to stay vigilant when it comes to social distancing and following local restrictions and rules.

"While this represents the exciting progress we've made as a country, I want to continue to stress the importance of enjoying relaxed measures responsibly," she continued.

“As provinces and territories reopen, it is crucial that all Canadians keep in mind the importance of going out smart."

“This means keeping two meters of physical distance between yourself and others, and maintaining frequent handwashing,” Dr. Tam explained.

In the same statement on Saturday, Chief Public Health Officer explained that a greater number of people are now being tested for the disease in Canada.

"We are now testing an average of 26,000 to 28,000 people daily," she said.

While this is definitely good news, the top doctor urged Canadians to be careful over the long weekend, and to continue to practice mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing wherever possible.

“This is a tricky part of the path,” she said, but added in a follow-up tweet, “Keep on planking it with #goodhygiene.”