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Ontario’s COVID-19 Cases Have Shot Up By Almost 50% In A Single Week

The province’s cases went up by 606 on Monday, the highest ever in one day.

As the province enters another week of lockdown, COVID-19 cases in Ontario have just reached a new single-day high. According to the Ontario government's website, 606 new cases of the virus were reported on April 20, which brings the total number of cases up to 11,184. This is nearly a 50% increase from the number of cases that the province was dealing with last week. 

Last Monday, Ontario had reported 7,470 cases of COVID-19. In the past seven days, that number has skyrocketed by 49.7%.

Now, the province is facing 11,184 cases province-wide, with 584 deaths and 5,515 resolved cases. 

With 606 new cases being reported on Monday morning, this is the largest increase that the province has seen in a single day.

Earlier on Monday, Toronto's mayor John Tory warned that the city could be nearing its peak of the outbreak, as the state of emergency continues for the sixth week in a row.

"I hate to be the bearer of sobering news but I think we are maybe just or are about to reach the peak and that is not the day in which you say that it is time to start reopening things," he stated per CP24.

Ford also warned at the beginning of April that the province was likely to see a surge in cases in the next few weeks. 

In a press conference, the premier warned that "the next few weeks will be absolutely critical because we know a surge is coming."

"My friends, the hard truth is, right now, today, there is very little separating what we will face here in Ontario from the devastation that we have seen in Italy and Spain. Thousands of lives are at stake." 

Earlier this month, massive tents were being built in the parking lots of Ontario hospitals to help with the surge of patients that's to be expected. 

These tents, which were set up in both Etobicoke General Hospital and Brampton Civic Hospital, are meant to help treat patients who still need medical attention, but aren't showing symptoms of COVID-19

Also on Monday, Ontario health staff suggested that projections show the province is actually close to a "best-case scenario" right now as new community spread appears to have peaked.