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5 People In Nova Scotia Were Charged For Getting Too Close To People & Breaking Quarantine

Now they owe almost $700 each.
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Police in this Canadian province are taking this pandemic pretty seriously. If you're caught doing something you shouldn't be, there could be hefty penalties. COVID-19 charges in Nova Scotia were laid and fines were handed out to five people for not self-isolating or social distancing.

Nova Scotia RCMP announced that on March 31, four people were charged under the province's Health Protection Act in relation to COVID-19.

In a news release, the police force said that there were two different types of charges that were laid.

Two people were caught for not self-quarantining or self-isolation after returning from out of the country while the other two were fined for not keeping a social distance of two metres.

All of the people received a $697.50 fine.

No specific information about where the people were caught, where the offences happened or anything about the people themselves was released.

Nova Scotia RCMP tweeted out the news release about the four people being fined under the Health Protection Act.

One person replied, "eventually these people will learn, or their bank accounts will dry up."

"Good this may make people think twice before heading out," another one said.

Someone else simply responded with, "righteous."

Then on the morning of April 2, a fifth person was caught not keeping a safe distance from others and was also fined.

According to Global News, the person was a passenger in a car that was the subject of an erratic driving complaint.

The passenger got a ticket under the Health Protection Act for not keeping a social distance of two metres.

They are now facing that same $697.50 fine.

"We are asking people to help protect their communities by reporting crime and suspicious behaviour to police, and by adhering to the steps outlined by government to reduce the spread of COVID-19," the RCMP stated.

When the province declared a state of emergency, it stated that people who don't social distance or self-isolate will face $1,000 fines.

However, all of the four people from March 31 and the one person from April 2 only got fines of just under $700.

On April 1, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health Robert Strang said that restrictions there could be in place for another couple of months.

"I'm not sure if it's June or July, but I keep coming back to the point that we know this isn't a two-week phenomenon. It's a number of weeks," he said.

In other parts of Canada, there have also been serious measures taken to penalize people regarding COVID-19 with fines and possible jail time.

A woman in Newfoundland was actually arrested twice in one week for not self-isolating.

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