Justin Trudeau Confirmed That 'The Curve Has Flattened' In Many Parts Of Canada

There's a little bit of good news!
COVID-19 Curve 'Has Flattened' In Parts Of Canada Says PM Justin Trudeau

There's finally a bit of good news in Canada. According to the Prime Minister, the country's COVID-19 curve "has flattened" in many parts of Canada, and it's a good sign that our social distancing protocol is working. However, there is still a ways to go before a full recovery.

During his April 28 address, Justin Trudeau noted that there has been some progress toward slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.

"The measures we have taken so far are working," he said. "In fact, in many parts of the country, the curve has flattened."

Despite this positive news, Trudeau noted that Canadians are "not out of the woods yet."

He noted that lifting restrictions too soon would negate the progress the country has already made.

"How many new cases there, how many losses we have to mourn, whether our hospitals can continue to cope, it's all up to all of us," Trudeau said.

In previous addresses, Trudeau had discussed the criteria and guidelines that would be needed to be put in place for reopening the economy.

While noting that individual provinces would be responsible for how they open back up, the federal government will be working closely with them.

"We need common guidelines to make sure that the decisions being taken across the country are grounded in a shared understanding and appreciation of what science and experts are telling us," the prime minister explained on Tuesday.

Ontario reported its lowest increase in daily new cases at 437 on Sunday though on Tuesday it was back on the rise with 525 new cases reported.

British Columbia reported that its curve has flattened earlier in the month, and officials have confirmed they will start to lift some restrictions in May.

The prime minister recently noted that despite what may be happening in some areas of the country, people should still be following their local public health guidelines.

“Controlling transmission is key,” he added. “Restarting our economy will be gradual and careful and will be guided by science.”

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