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An Albertan With COVID-19 Risk Has Been Arrested For Coughing In Cop's Face

He's currently waiting in custody.
COVID-19 In Alberta: A Potentially Exposed Man Charged After Coughing On Cop

We're all used to stories about crime and arrests in our areas from time to time. But the pandemic has brought some unusual scenarios into the mix. On Thursday, April 2, a man in Lethbridge, Alberta was arrested for assaulting a peace officer. During that confrontation, the man, who's been potentially exposed to COVID-19 in Alberta, coughed into the officer's face. The cough was allegedly deliberate. 

The Lethbridge Police Service has laid out all the must-know details in a Facebook post

At around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night, the cops were called to a home following reports of domestic assault. When the cops got to the scene and investigated what was going on, they discovered that a man inside the house was under violation of a release order. 

He was immediately taken into custody. As he was getting arrested, the man coughed directly into the arresting officer's face. He told the officer that he hoped he'd get infected with the disease. 

He also revealed that he had been exposed to someone who'd been quarantined recently. 

The cops reported in the post that the man in question is 27-years-old. Altogether, he's been charged for assaulting a peace officer as well as two counts of failing to comply with a release order. 

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The individual is currently in custody, waiting for a Judicial Interim Release hearing, Lethbridge Police revealed. 

This isn't the first individual in the country to openly defy public health orders and deliberately cough on someone at this time. 

New Brunswick Regional Police had to arrest a man for intentionally coughing on someone while feeling sick.

Whereas Nova Scotia RCMP reported that a number of individuals across the province have been threatening them with intentional coughs. 

You know we're living in an unusual period when cops and civilians are getting threatened with coughs instead of weapons. 

In Alberta, local authorities have been taking directions from the government on how they can enforce public health orders amidst the pandemic. 

Lethbridge News Now reported that the city's police service is fully committed to enforcing public health orders when the legislation passes through. 

They said that if Bill 10 goes through the legislature, police and peace officers would be allowed to enforce public health orders by fining civilians. The fines could go as high as $500K under the Public Health Act. 

Earlier, Edmonton Police have confirmed that they too will enforcing public health orders. Most of the health orders issued in relation to the disease emphasize the need to self-isolate and maintain social distancing guidelines. 

Lethbridge Police have yet to issue a fine to someone for not following those guidelines.

But it seems like they're not going stand for people deliberately coughing in their faces while a contagious disease is going around. 

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