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Arizona's Gov. Doug Ducey Says Hair & Nail Salons Will Fully Reopen By Friday (VIDEO)

Normal operations will resume with safety protocols.
COVID-19 In Arizona Updates Includes The Reopening Of Hair & Nail Salons On May 8

On Monday, during a live update on COVID-19 in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey expedited his previous plan to reopen businesses in the state. During his discussion, Ducey issued an executive order to allow hair salons, barbershops, and cosmetologists to resume normal appointment-based operations on Friday, May 8. Safety protocols and the implementation of best practices would also need to be enforced. 

"The decisions that have been made have been informed by data and medical information to be where we are right now," Ducey said during his live update

Arizona's stay-at-home order was extended last week from April 30 through May 15. 

Ducey began by saying public safety is the top priority and that Arizona has seen a "downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses reported in a 14-day period," along with COVID-19 illnesses.

Expanded testing is also available through the partnership of the state with community labs. Anyone who believes that they have COVID-19 or was recently exposed can receive testing "with an emphasis on the next two Saturdays." 

"The idea here is that we want to return stronger as a state. It is this virus, this pandemic that has done so much to slow our economy and affect our citizens here in Arizona," the governor said. 

The governor also went on to say that to return the state's economic health, the process will be gradual, with public health being the top priority.

Authorized hospitals resumed elective surgeries as of May 1, while retail stores can fully reopen by May 8 with social distancing and CDC guidelines put in place. 

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May 8 also marks the reopening of barbershops and salons with reduced capacity, sanitation protocols, the wearing of face masks by employees and clients, and appropriate waiting room measures to accommodate for social distancing.

By May 11, dine-in services at restaurants can resume with specific guidelines. 

Elderly individuals and individuals with underlying health issues are encouraged to limit their time outside of the home during this period. 

Ducey also mentioned that he is finalizing plans with the fitness industry, hotels, and motels to reopen those businesses safely.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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