BC Nurses Now Have A Hotline So You Can Get Up-To-Date COVID-19 Information

There's also a self-assessment tool available online! 💻☎️
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COVID-19 In B.C. Has Prompted Nurses To Create Handy Information Hotline

In order to provide everyone with the necessary information about COVID-19 in B.C., local nurses have created a new phone line. This hotline will give you up to date information about the pandemic as well as provide non-medical info about the situation. Everyone in the province is encouraged to take advantage of the hotline that is now up and running. 

The BC Nurses Union has announced on their Instagram page that a new province-wide hotline has been made to help people answer their burning questions about COVID-19. 

The post on Instagram states that the phone service will provide B.C. residents with non-medical info about the COVID-19 outbreak.

As of now, the hotline will operate seven days a week between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. In order to ensure everyone receives the info they need, 110 languages will be available.

The number to call is 1-888-COVID19.

Keep in mind that when you call, there is a high chance all circuits will be busy. If you keep calling, someone will eventually get to you to clarify any questions. 

The BC Nurses Union has stated that this hotline will help 811 HealthLink workers to support more people experiencing symptoms rather than answering general, non-medical questions. 

Along with the hotline, the government of B.C. has created a self-assessment tool to help better determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19. 

This assessment can be done for yourself or on behalf of someone else. 

All you need to do to access it is head to the Government of B.C.'s website.

The first question will ask if you are experiencing any symptoms including chest pain, difficulty waking up, feeling of confusion, losing consciousness, or having severe difficulty breathing. 

If you answer yes to any of the above, it will direct you to call 911 immediately. 

Should you answer no, a different series of questions will present themselves. 

Depending on how you answer, it will tell you to stay at home, monitor symptoms, or self-isolate. 

At this time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has addressed the COVID-19 outbreak and is encouraging everyone to stay at home to limit the spread.

In response to this, several of Vancouver's public parks and restaurants have closed.

As such, handy in-home tools like the hotline and the online self-assessment are here to support you. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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