If there's one thing people need during this time, it's cheering up. The spread of COVID-19 in Canada has left people mostly sequestered in their homes, away from work, friends, and family. We could all use a bright spot to make us smile, and what better way to do that than with some awesome Canadian dogs?

Whether people are stuck at home because they can't work, or they're just turning their living room into a new remote office, dogs are the one group that is benefitting from this situation.

With their owners home all the time now, and thus giving them even more attention than usual, dogs have to be pretty happy.

Of course, the reality that the world is social distancing to fight against a ruthless virus doesn't even occur to them. Luckily, they can still brighten up our days.

Whether they're enjoying a snowfort built by their owner, practising some yoga, or just being really, really good boys, they might just help us all feel a little bit better.

We took a look through Twitter and found some of the best photos and videos of Canadian dogs just doing their best to deal with everything that is happening.

Sending Strength From Up North

California may be having a rough time too, but luckily people (and their dogs) from Toronto are willing to send a little love their way.

Quarantining In A Snow House

This dog isn't entirely sure about hanging out inside a house made from snow, but he would make things so much cozier.

We Are All This Dog

Staying home all day, even if you're working, makes it hard not to want to just take a nap pretty much anywhere.

It's Important To Stay Active

These two would probably prefer to do some downward-facing dog. That, or no exercise at all.

Obeying All The Current Rules

These dogs know that you've got to stay at least six feet away. They also look like they know how majestic they are.

Even NHLers Are Enjoying Some Quality Canine Time

Connor McDavid is still practising despite the NHL suspending its season, and he's getting some "help" from his furry friend, Lenny.

Sometimes A Handsome Boy Is All You Need

You'll hear no argument from us.

Can They All Be Employee Of the Month?

These fine pups seem like they would be the absolute best coworkers in any situation. Plus we've got a sweet cat and fish thrown in for good measure!