One Of Canada's Top Docs Has Been Collabing With A Bunch Of Popular Canadian YouTubers

He's spilling the tea about the virus.
COVID-19 In Canada Being Talked About On YouTube By One Of Our Top Docs
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Now, this is an interesting way to get information out there! COVID-19 in Canada is being talked about by one of the country's top doctors and a bunch of Canadian YouTubers. The collabs are all about answering questions about the virus.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has launched a new video series that teams up Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada's Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, and YouTubers.

With the educational videos, Dr. Njoo answers questions on COVID-19 like what might a new normal look like and do DIY face coverings work.

There are also some non-virus related aspects of the videos like what shows Dr. Njoo recommends for binge-watching and his favourite pandemic movie.

So far he's chatted with Simply Nailogical, The Sorry Girls and Peter McKinnon and all the videos have been posted on each of their YouTube channels.

A fourth video in the series with jayaddict, a Quebec-based creator who's also a medic for the Canadian Forces, hasn't been uploaded yet and is forthcoming.

That's because they've been deployed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first video is with Simply Nailogical, an Ottawa-based crime statistics analyst for the government who also has a nail art channel.

In the video, Dr. Njoo talks about his typical day, what people should know about COVID-19, when physical distancing measures can be relaxed and his favourite pandemic movies.

In the video with YouTuber Peter McKinnon, a Toronto-based photographer, Dr. Njoo answered questions about the virus that a lot of people might be wondering about.

When asked about if people can get COVID-19 from packages they get delivered, he noted that the virus stays on different surfaces for different amounts of time.

Dr. Njoo also mentioned that getting out for fresh air is good to do if you're healthy as long as you stay away from people.

McKinnon also passed along questions from his cousin who is a paramedic.

In the other video, The Sorry Girls, two Canadian entrepreneurs, asked Dr. Njoo Jeopardy style questions about the virus.

He talked about supporting local businesses, getting out into nature and the effectiveness of DIY masks.

He even mentioned speaking moistly!

For all the questions Dr. Njoo answered in that video, the YouTubers donated money to Food Banks Canada.

Dr. Njoo has been with the Public Health Agency of Canada for more than 15 years.

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