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Canadian Flags Are Popping Up Everywhere To Show We're All In This Together (PHOTOS)

It looks like July 1 out there!
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COVID-19 In Canada: Canadians Show Solidarity By Flying The Flag Everywhere (PHOTOS)

We’re all in this together! As the outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada continues to grip the nation, people across the country are banding together in solidarity. To show respect for our frontline workers, and to share love and positivity during the pandemic, Canadians are flying the flag at home, and it almost looks like July 1!

Since the novel coronavirus arrived in Canada, locals have been finding thoughtful and heartwarming ways to show solidarity with one another, and to be thankful for our frontline workers.

From applauding healthcare workers every night, to offering big discounts to those working on the frontline, Canadians are not afraid to show their respect and appreciation for the people at the forefront of this crisis.

One of the latest trends spotted around the country is just as uplifting, and involves breaking out those July 1 flags a little earlier than usual.

As a mark of recognition of what we’re all going through, and of admiration for Canada’s healthcare workers, essential retail staff, and other people who are risking their health to get us through the pandemic, Canadians have been flying their flags loudly and proudly at home.

Across Twitter, people have been photographs of their front doors, balconies, windows and porches, all displaying the red maple leaf. 

Using the popular COVID-19 hashtag #FlattenTheCurve, one person wrote, "To my fellow Canadians - let’s put up our flags, let’s stand together as a country!"

Another shared a similar message and photo, adding, "Lets stand united against COVID-19. Are you with me?"

Sharing several photos of the flying flags in his area, one Twitter user explained, "It’s not July 1st yet but Canadian flags are popping up in our neighbourhood."

"Like Justin Trudeau says, we’re all in this together Canada so let’s show our social solidarity and put up our flags!"

In an attempt to stay as positive as possible, particularly as many Canadians are practicing social distancing and self-isolation, people are getting creative when it comes to sharing their appreciation.

One Torontonian tweeted, “Andrew, my fiancé, hoisted our Canadian Flag today. This flag will fly high above Toronto until we get through this, together-ish.”

“At 7:30pm of every night, we will also play a Canadian artist from our balcony to salute our frontline heroes.”

Whether you’re singing opera from your balcony, or simply showing your appreciation by following the government’s advice and staying at home, keep it up.

You’re doing great, Canada!

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