Canadians Are Urged To Stay Away From Their Cottages & Second Homes This Spring (VIDEO)

Do not head to your cottage to practice social distancing.
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Canadians Are Urged To Stay Away From Their Cottages & Second Homes This Spring (VIDEO)

If you were considering heading to your cottage or seasonal property to wait-out COVID-19 in Canada, it’s best to stay at home. The Canadian government is now urging anybody with a second home to stay well away from it until the pandemic is over. Canada’s Chief Health Officer warned, “COVID-19 time is NOT cottage time.”

For anybody dreaming of springtime by the lake, there’s bad news ahead. The Canadian government’s leading health officials are urging everybody who has a second home or a cottage to stay away during the coming months until the spread of COVID-19 has been controlled.

According to Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, this is to prevent putting unnecessary pressure on health systems in smaller Canadian communities.

On Twitter, Dr. Tam explained that she had several "key concerns" related to novel coronavirus as the warmer weather begins to kick-in. 

She noted the importance of trying to "slow the spread" of the disease, even into the summer months.

“Urban dwellers/Cottagers should RESIST THE URGE to head to the cottage and rural properties as these communities have less capacity to manage COVID-19,” she said.

“'COVID-19 time is NOT cottage time.' Stay home in the city and DO NOT put rural communities at further risk during the COVID-19 crisis,” Dr. Tam warned.

While Canadians are being urged to avoid heading to their rural properties to avoid overloading local health care systems, it’s also to help stop the spread of the disease into smaller communities.

“These places have less capacity to manage COVID-19," Dr. Tam said at a press conference in Ottawa on Sunday.

"Even if you have not heard of cases in your community, that does not mean that there are no cases or no exposures waiting to happen," Tam said.

Additionally, as shortages of groceries and toilet paper have been seen across Canada, there are concerns that an influx of cottagers could put even more pressure on suppliers in rural communities.

As of Monday morning, there were 6,258 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada. More than 2,800 of these are in Quebec.

To date, 61 people have died.

While social distancing from your lakeside cottage does sound appealing, it's much more important to listen to government health officials' advice.

There's always next year!

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