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The Trudeau Government's Rating Is Going Up During COVID-19, Especially Out East

The gains aren't as strong in Alberta though.

How do you feel about the government during this global pandemic? COVID-19 in Canada has actually led to a lot of Canadians saying they have an improved relationship with the federal government. However, in some provinces, people have higher opinions of the people in charge of running the country than others during this pandemic. 

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in Canada like how we go about our daily lives and even how we feel about the people leading our country.

According to the Argyle Public Relationships Index, there has been an improvement in the relationships people have with the government.

Nationally, 46% of survey respondents said that they felt an improvement in their relationship with the federal government while just 26% of people said they felt a decline.

"At times of crisis, Canadians look to governments and their leaders as sources of information, services, direction and reassurance. The stronger the relationship, the more likely people are to believe their leaders and comply with their instructions," said Daniel Tisch, CEO of the Argyle Group, in a news release.

Of those who felt positively about their relationship with the government, 10% said there has been a significant improvement.

That's compared to 8% that reported a significant decline.

Another 28% responded that they haven't felt any change or aren't sure if there's been an improvement or decline.

When the figures are broken down by provinces, there are big differences across the country.

"Justin Trudeau's federal government is making gains in its relationships everywhere in Canada, with the most dramatic gains in Atlantic CanadaOntario and British Columbia, smaller gains on the Prairies, and a split decision in Quebec," Tisch said.

In Atlantic Canada, 53% of people reported an improved relationship while only 14% said it has declined.

Then in Ontario, 50% of respondents said that they have felt improvements and 21% said there has been a deterioration in the relationship.

In B.C., more people reported improvements, 47%, than declines, 23%.

43% of people in Manitoba and Saskatchewan reported that they have felt either a somewhat or significantly improved relationship and 31% have felt the same for a decline.

In Alberta, there is a 1% difference from Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Quebec is almost evenly split when it comes to an improvement or a decline with 39% and 35% respectively.

When it comes to provincial governments, 55% of people said there has been an improvement in the relationship and 18% reported a decline.

Municipal governments saw the smallest gains and just 41% of people responded that the relationship has improved.