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Jagmeet Singh Is Urging The Government To Give Every Canadian $2K Right Now

He believes Canadians need urgent help to "make ends meet."
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Across the country, Canadians are self-isolating and social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Canada. As concerns about the virus continue to disrupt many people’s routines, jobs and livelihoods, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is calling for financial help for all Canadians. In fact, he is urging the federal government to give everybody $2,000 right now.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to be diagnosed across the country with huge spikes in some regions, the NDP leader is asking the federal government to give every Canadian a one-time cash payment.

Because the virus is affecting individual jobs, businesses and overall livelihoods, Singh believes that most people will need financial help from the government in order to get by.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Singh wrote, “As shut-downs become deeper and longer-lasting, we need urgent action to help Canadians make ends meet.”

He went on to explain that his party was calling on the government to “move quickly” and introduce measures that will help people to survive.

Among suggesting changes to EI, additional production of medical supplies, and increased wage subsidy to 75%, the NDP had one major recommendation.

“Immediate assistance to all Canadians - $2,000 per adult and $250 per child,” Singh added.

In a statement, the New Democrats explained, “The first of the month is a week away and people are understandably worried about how they’re going to pay their rent, pay their bills, and feed their families.”

“People paying their bills this week need help in the next few days, not weeks. People need immediate action today,” Singh explained.

Their call comes as many provinces across Canada have enforced the shutdown of all non-essential businesses, services and public spaces, including retail stores, gyms, libraries and even national parks.

Earlier this month, the NDP leader made requests to the federal government to enforce paid sick days across Canada.

Responding to a press conference in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised over $1 billion to combat COVID-19, Singh responded that “Canada must do better.”

“Other countries have found a way to give people paid sick leave so they can stay home,” he tweeted.

In a social media post earlier this month, Singh also revealed that he had been feeling unwell, tweeting that he was following medical advice to stay home and self-isolate.

On Wednesday morning, Canada had 1,959 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
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