Over Half Of New COVID-19 Cases Are Coming From Inside The Country

It is one of her key concerns.
COVID-19 In Canada Now Mostly Spread through Community Transmission

Following social distancing measures has become more important than ever. The spread of COVID-19 in Canada is now mostly through community transmission, according to Dr. Theresa Tam. It was a key concern she shared on Twitter.

In a March 25 thread, Dr. Tam wrote, "Day over day increases in #COVID19 cases and a fundamental shift from mostly travel-related cases in the early part of the outbreak, to now over half of new cases being linked to community spread."

She continued writing that advisories against non-essential travel have cut down on travel-related cases. However, Canadians still need to do all they can to avoid the spread of travel-imported cases.

Dr. Tam also referenced the now-implemented quarantine act, which mandates that Canadians returning abroad must return to their homes immediately and self-isolate for 14 days.

If they do not do this, they can face major fines and possibly even prison sentences.

"For all those already in self-isolation, we know this has been difficult and we are grateful for the sacrifice you are making to keep others safe," Dr. Tam wrote.

Canada's Public Health Officer also used one of the tweets in her thread to let people know that it was still okay to take a walk, with certain conditions.

"If not experiencing symptoms, it’s okay to go outside for walk – but keep at least 2 metres from others at all times. Avoid high-touch surfaces (handrails, doorknobs), #WashYourHands well before leaving & as soon as you get back inside," Dr. Tam wrote.

This was followed up by a message that anyone experiencing any symptoms, even if they are mild, needs to stay home for at least 14 days.

This tweet also included a link to an online tool Canadians can use to see if they need further testing or treatment.

Dr. Tam concluded with a message that this is a critical time in beating back the virus and ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

"We need to get this done," she wrote, "Let’s #FlattentheCurve."

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