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Justin Trudeau Warns Canadians That Not Social Distancing Has "Serious Consequences"

He also said the federal emergencies act is on the table.
COVID-19 In Canada: Trudeau Warns That Not Social Distancing Has "Serious Consequences"

Things are getting serious. In his latest update on COVID-19 in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again emphasized the importance of following social distancing rules. He laid out exactly what Canadians need to do, without mincing words.

In his March 24 address, the Liberal leader admitted that he did not know how long restrictions related to the virus would be in place.

However, he noted that the duration of this crisis will be determined by "the choices we make right now."

"If you want things to get back to normal, do your part," the Prime Minister said, "Stay home, and if you've just returned from abroad, go straight home from the airport and do not leave for at least 14 days."

Trudeau continued, saying, "This is not a suggestion. You cannot pick up groceries or visit your parents or your friends. You need to go home and stay there."

He then promised that if people are not following these guidelines, then "more stringent measures" would be put in place.

The Prime Minister once again took time during his address to note just how crucial it is that Canadians follow the rules set out by health professionals.

"This is serious," He said, "the decisions you make have serious consequences, not just on your community, but on the entire country."

Trudeau also spoke about the federal emergencies act, and whether he would be willing to invoke it.

He noted that doing so would be a last resort, but that "all options are on the table." 

He also said that the majority of provincial premiers were open to continuing the discussion.

Nearly every province, along with a number of cities, has now declared their own states of emergency.

Trudeau took time to say that the Canadian government is continuing to base its decisions and recommendations on science, saying "our priority is keeping Canadians alive and healthy."