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65% Of Ontario’s COVID-19 Cases Have Now Recovered

10,825 patients are now in the clear.

We may not be in the clear yet, but COVID-19 in Ontario appears to be showing positive signs this week. The province’s health officials confirmed 421 new cases of the virus on Friday, with 39 deaths. However, out of the 16,608 total cases, 65% of them have now recovered. 

Despite the rising toll of cases, Friday's new numbers show a glimpse of hope for Ontario residents. Nearly two-thirds of all cases in the province are now considered resolved. 

With an additional 620 resolved cases since yesterday, 10,825 patients are now in the clear, according to the government of Ontario's website.

Ontario received some other hopeful news this week when the number of new COVID-19 cases declined for three days in a row.

On Wednesday, the government reported the lowest number of new cases that we had seen for three weeks, with 347 new patients. 

However, the number of cases rose again on Thursday, with 459 new cases and 86 more deaths.

The high death count marked the deadliest 24 hours that the province has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to CP24, the province has shown an increased rate of recovery over the last few days.

In fact, this week has actually seen more people recover from the virus than those who are currently testing positive. 

On Friday, the province saw nearly 200 more recoveries than newly positive cases. 

While the numbers seem to be getting better, they have yet to steadily decline.

Yet, Premier Doug Ford is hopeful that the province is "getting close" to start their re-opening plans. 

However, we shouldn't be expecting the lockdown to lift just yet. 

In order for the province to start its re-opening process, we need to see at least two steady weeks of decline in cases. 

While we may be getting close, Ford also warns that opening by the May 24 weeks is "absolutely not going to happen."