Another record-breaking day as far as the global pandemic goes in this province. The latest numbers regarding COVID-19 in Ontario published on Thursday morning, March 26, revealed that there are 170 new confirmed cases. That's a near-20% increase on Wednesday's numbers, and several of the new cases involve patients under the age of 20.

This is now the province's highest overnight jump in cases so far, and a climb of almost 20% from yesterday's numbers.

According to the Ontario COVID-19 website, as of 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, the total number of cases in the province has reached 858. Some 837 of those are active cases, with eight recoveries and 13 deaths.

While the fatalities have mainly been in older demographics, this latest wave includes five Ontarians under the age of 20. And that's just from the portion of the 170 new cases that have details available right now.

Those young cases are in York Region, Waterloo, Peel Region, and Toronto. And two other new cases have seen people in their 20s hospitalized. All of the under-20s affected are self-isolating.

Per the Toronto Star, 22 of the 170 new cases are from Toronto. Of those, 13 are younger than 40 years old, including one woman under the age of 20.

In this most recent update, though, no more deaths have been announced since March 25, when there were five new casualties.

This news comes after Ontario made note that there are over 10,000 cases under investigation in the province as travellers are coming back into the country.

According to the provincial update via The Star, 38,550 people have been tested in Ontario now since testing began.

As well, 26,727 cases have turned up as negative, and 10,965 cases are currently under investigation.

As mentioned by CBC, the number of cases now resolved is likely to increase much more in the next few days.

That's because public health officials are now changing the criteria for how cases are recorded and published.

At the start of this week, Ontario and Toronto ordered all non-essential businesses to close for the foreseeable future in efforts to help flatten the curve.

And on Wednesday, 6ix mayor John Tory also shuttered all facilities and amenities in city-owned parks, rec areas, sports fields, and other outdoor spaces.