Despite the fact that many residents are staying home to self distance this week, some Ontarians are still finding ways to spread cheer throughout the province. With the cases of COVID-19 in Ontario rising, it can sometimes be hard to think positively. However, some thoughtful residents have found ways to support one another through adorable gestures to help spread some good cheer. 

Whether it be helping their neighbours with groceries or looking out for the local seniors, these Ontarians have gone above and beyond in this time of need. 

As shoppers leave grocery stores bare, it can pose a challenge for those who are more at risk in local communities, such as seniors. 

That's why one Ontarian received a letter that offered to help them with groceries or anything else they needed. One Reddit user posted a picture of a note their elderly father received in  Toronto, which read, "Please let us know if you need help with groceries or anything during this period, your neighbour with the cat.""This note was posted on my elderly Dad’s downtown apartment door this morning," the Reddit user wrote. "Huge gratitude to all of the good neighbours out there."

However, this random stranger isn't the only one who has tried to bring kindness into the province. 

from toronto

Global News reporter Andrew Russell tweeted an example of neighbourly love from Ajax, Ontario, as well. Someone put a  shelf out on the sidewalk with individual rolls of toilet paper wrapped in bags along with pasta, tomato sauce, and pots of flowers for the taking. 

The note read, "Please take what you need if you are a senior or if you need it." 

Another Ontarian also recalled their kind experience through Twitter after they received a care package from one of their neighbours, "I'm blown away...neighbours are looking out for us seniors...A lady (whom I've never met!) just dropped off "a care package," as she called it."

However, it's not just people that are taking the extra step to help out. Some Ontario businesses are also going the extra mile to spread some good cheer. 

One Toronto Distillery has started to make local hand sanitizer that they are giving away for free to seniors or those who can't afford it. 

Churches and other worship centres around the province are also leaving messages of encouragement on their billboards to help bring hope to those who are driving by. 

No matter what the gesture, many Ontarians are going the extra mile by helping out their neighbours in need.