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Ontario Likely Has ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Undetected COVID-19 Cases Now

Ontario health staff gave a dire warning about the spread on Thursday.
COVID-19 In Ontario: Health Staff Warn Of 'Tens Of Thousands' Of Likely Undetected Cases

As cases continue to pile up along with requests for testing, the province has a problem. The spread of COVID-19 in Ontario continues, and the province is currently awaiting results on almost 11,000 potential cases of the disease. However, health staff have reportedly warned that there could be additional "tens of thousands" of cases going undetected right now.

This news comes shortly after Ontario confirmed the number of positive cases has jumped by 170 overnight into Thursday morning, March 26.

Ontario's dedicated COVID-19 page reports that nearly 39,000 potential cases have been investigated in the province. So far, 26,727 have come back negative, with 837 current confirmed active cases. 13 people have died, and eight have been resolved.

But, according to CBC, health officials warn it's likely there could be tens of thousands of cases that the province simply doesn't know about right now.

The Toronto Star reports the number of cases being investigated should not be considered representative of the actual situation as testing has largely been limited by several factors.

It's suspected that many Ontarians with mild symptoms could well be infected with the virus. However, most in this bracket are asked to stay home in self-isolation, meaning the numbers are likely not being recorded.

According to the Star's Ed Tubb, Ontario completed 2,439 COVID-19 tests on Wednesday, March 25.

That number was down from the day before, despite the province insisting it wants to be carrying out 5,000 exams per day by the end of this week.

CBC notes that B.C. has done over 31,000 tests, which is around 2.5 times faster than Ontario's COVID-19 exam rate.

All these figures seem to back up health officials' advice about the importance of social distancing.

Businesses, offices and park facilities are all shut, and we're being strongly advised to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

In fact, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, even said on Tuesday that people who don't follow self-isolation and distancing protocols risk jeopardizing the "civil liberties" of the rest of the local population.

So, next time, it might be easier to just make that coffee at home instead.

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