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Ontario’s New COVID-19 Cases Drop To The Lowest We’ve Seen In 3 Weeks

347 new cases were reported on Wednesday.
COVID-19 In Ontario: New Cases Drop To The Lowest We’ve Seen In 3 Weeks

As the province continues another week of lockdown, the government's new daily tally of COVID-19 cases is bringing a small ray of hope. According to the government, 347 new cases have been reported on Wednesday morning. This is the smallest number of new cases the province has seen in three weeks. 

The Ontario Government's website states that there are now 15,728 cases of the novel coronavirus across the province. Out of these numbers, 61% of them are resolved. 

On Wednesday, 347 new cases and 45 deaths were reported. While these numbers still seem high, they do mark the lowest daily increase that the province has seen in weeks. 

According to CP24, Ontario hasn't seen numbers this low since April 6, when 309 new cases were reported. 

Ontarians were given another brief period of hope as this weekend marked the start of three consecutive days of decline in the number of new cases. 

However, that trend was broken on Tuesday when the province recorded 525 new cases and a record-breaking number of single-day deaths. 

While Ontario has seen the number of new cases decline throughout the past week, that doesn't mean that the province will start to loosen restrictions anytime soon. 

In fact, it will take at least two weeks of steady decline for the province to start its re-opening plan

Doug Ford has made it clear that there is still no specific date on when the province will start to see this process begin. 

"The framework is about how we’re reopening, not when we’re reopening. Let me be crystal clear, as long as this virus remains a threat to Ontario, we will continue to take every precaution necessary, we will continue to act based on the best advice available to us," said Ford during the press briefing.

However, Ford has stated that those who were hoping to celebrate the Victoria Day weekend shouldn't get their hopes up. 

As the province continues to battle the pandemic, Ford declared opening the province by May 24 is "absolutely not going to happen."