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Ontarians Are About To Start Getting Hit With COVID-19 Emergency Alerts (VIDEO)

Police are already asking you not to call 911 about the alerts.

Ontarians, brace yourself. The provincial government has announced they'll be rolling out some new emergency alerts this weekend relating to COVID-19 in Ontario. Premier Doug revealed at a press briefing on Friday, March 27 that emergency alerts will now be sent to people in the province urging returning travellers to self-isolate for 14 days.

Ford said in his daily press briefing on Friday that a province-wide alert will be sent to Ontarians' cellphones, radios, and TVs at 2 p.m. today.

While it will be sent out across Ontario, it will be aimed at travellers who are urged to stay indoors.

Ford shared that the alert will tell travellers that by law, they must self-isolate for 14 days since they are at high risk of potentially spreading COVID-19.

Specifically, the alerts will tell them not to go to stores or visit friends as they self-isolate.

Per Newstalk1010, Solicitor-General Sylvia Jones said that this alert will remain active on Ontario cellphones "for the next two weeks, so that travellers returning to Ontario are aware of this critically important directive through their devices."

“This will be the first, but most likely, not the last time we use this powerful tool,” said Ford during the press briefing.

The federal government has recently invoked the Quarantine Act, announcing that anyone who arrives in Canada by either land, sea, or air is to self-isolate.

They could face penalties of up to $1 million or even as much as three years in prison for failing to do so.

Ontarians, as we know, can get pretty angry about emergency notices like Amber Alerts.

And within minutes of Ford's announcement, police services including Halton Police and York Regional Police had tweeted to pre-emptively ask those who receive the alert not to call 911.

Earlier on Friday, Ontario's dedicated tracking page confirmed 135 new COVID-19 cases and three more deaths. That takes the provincial total to 967 infections, including 18 deaths and eight cases resolved.

And on Thursday evening, City of Toronto health staff warned that stronger measures could come if it's deemed that the current social distancing practices are not being effective enough in limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus.