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Only 4 Airports In Canada Will Now Be Accepting International Flights

Canadians abroad asked to come home while they still could.
COVID-19 Outbreak In Canada: Just 4 Airports Will Accept International Flights

As part of Canada’s sweeping measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak, there are just four airports where international flights can come in now. This is just one of many new updates just announced by Justin Trudeau amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada and it's all in the name of flattening the curve.

The four airports that will stay open to international flights are in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal—Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Calgary International Airport and Vancouver International Airport are the only ones that will be accepting international flights, according to a press release from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, March 16.

Trudeau also announced that, with a few exceptions, the borders are closing. Canada will be denying entry to anyone who's not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The ban should not affect goods coming into the country, the Prime Minister confirmed, but he urged Canadians to come home while they still can.

Plus, moving forward, airlines will be asked to ban travellers who are presenting symptoms from air travel and from entering the country.

All this might be concerning for Canadians abroad to hear, but the Prime Minister said that funds could be available to help them return. 

Airlines like Air Canada have already restricted fights and reduced capacity down to 50%.

With the government asking Canadians not to travel unnecessarily and all those abroad to come home, people are scrambling to cancel their flights and get their money back. 

Some Airlines, including West Jet, could even be facing layoffs as reduced service starts to affect their business. 

The four airports that will be open during this new travel ban are expected to announce more news and updates soon.

All these restrictions of international flights headed to Canada are to try and slow any spread of COVID-19. 

Canada just joined a long list of countries with travel bans in effect, including the U.S., Spain, and Italy.

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