As the province continues to encourage residents to self distance during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario, it seems as if the province is emptier than ever. Both the TTC and GO Transit have announced the lack of ridership as more people decide to work from home. Even Highway 401 traffic, which is usually full of cars, has never looked so empty. 

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt from the OPP stated on Friday that there is a lack of traffic on Ontario highways as residents continue to stay home. He also continued to encourage people to stay off the roads during this time. 

"Look at the highways here. Barely any traffic here right now...I appreciate everyone who is doing what they can to support the cause and bring this to an end," he said in the tweet. 

He also continued by saying that those who are still on the road should work towards applying social distancing even while driving.

"If you're gonna be on the roads driving around, just give yourself some space. Social distancing has a two-metre rule, let's exercise even a little more space when you're travelling along. Don't tailgate, don't follow too close, don't cause road rage," he says in the video

As traffic in Toronto continues to lessen, many residents are sharing photos of the highways that look like ghost towns. 

"Driving home this morning from work and I've never seen the 401 so empty. Stay safe. Stay distant," wrote one Twitter user. 

"I've never seen the 401 so empty in my life," wrote another user. 

However, it's not just the highways that are starting to show the effects of social distancing. 

The entire city of Toronto also looks like a complete ghost town since the government had declared a state of emergency. 

However, it is still unclear when how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last.

On Monday, the biggest jump in confirmed cases in Ontario was recorded with 78 new residents testing positive for the virus.