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Mykenna Dorn Is Dancing Through Her Self Quarantine On TikTok (VIDEO)

If anyone knows how to make quarantine look fun, it's Mykenna.

This is what dreams are made of! Since the Canadian government urged people to stay home as much as possible, COVID-19 social distancing has become a hot topic amongst many people online. We may not be able to actually be together during this pandemic, but we are able to share relatable memes about being isolated from the rest of society.

One Canadian celebrity who has been incredibly vocal about their self-quarantine practices is The Bachelor contestant, Mykenna Dorn. After travelling to the U.S. last week, Dorn decided to listen to the government and isolate herself for the recommended two-week period, she explained on her Instagram a few days back.

The 23-year-old is known for the goofy dance videos that she shares across her social media pages, and all her time at home lately has allowed her to make even more.

Over the weekend, Dorn posted a video to her TikTok page of her jamming out to the Hilary Duff hit, “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”.

“When you are advised to self-quarantine for two weeks when travelling from [America] back home to [Canada] but you ain’t sad because it means you don’t have to make up a fake excuse to not go out,” the Langley native captioned the video.


This is what dreams are made of!! ##cancelled ##fridaythe13th ##safehands // Please do take the precautions advised by your country though everyone!!

♬ original sound - brianpatenewberry

Dorn is just one of the members of Bachelor Nation who is using their platform to spread awareness about the severity of COVID-19 and how important it is to practice social distancing.

Over the weekend, other stars of the franchise were posting photos and videos of them out partying to their Instagram pages, sparking plenty of controversy.

After seeing so many tone deaf posts from influencers, it’s nice to finally see someone who prioritizes safety over having a good time. Props to Mykenna!! 👏👏


“After seeing so many tone-deaf posts from influencers, it’s nice to finally see someone who prioritizes safety over having a good time. Props to Mykenna!! 👏👏,” one person wrote on Reddit.

“Good on Nick [Viall] and Mykenna being responsible and doing a great job at getting the message out. Unlike other Bachelor Nation people,” a comment on the thread reads.

Since her quarantine began, Dorn has been sharing plenty of hilarious stories on her Instagram page of her dancing, drinking wine, and chatting with her followers. Here’s to hoping the next few days go just as smoothly for her!