Health Canada Just Approved The First Canadian Clinical Trials For A COVID-19 Vaccine

The PM called this "encouraging."
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COVID-19 Vaccine Progress In Canada Reaches A New Level As First Clinical Trial Approved

We could be on our way to defeating this virus. The Prime Minister shared some good news with Canadians about the fight against the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccine progress in Canada is moving along, as the country's first clinical trials for one have now been approved. 

During his daily address outside of Rideau Cottage on May 16, Justin Trudeau announced new developments when it comes to Canada's work to defeat the virus.

"Health Canada has now approved the first Canadian clinical trials for a potential COVID-19 vaccine," he told Canadians.

Those clinical trials will be taking place at the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Trudeau also noted that the National Research Council of Canada will be working with manufacturers while this happens.

That work will ensure that if the trials are successful, the COVID-19 vaccine can then be produced and distributed right here in Canada.

"Research and development take time, and must be done right, but this is encouraging news," the Prime Minister said.

He didn't provide a timeline of when the trials will start.

A few days before Trudeau's announcement about the clinical trials, Health Canada took another step in the fight against the virus.

The country's first test to detect COVID-19 antibodies was authorized on May 12 following a priority scientific review.

It's a serological test that will provide information on whether or not people who have already been infected are immune to the virus.

At least one million Canadian blood samples will be collected and tested over the next two years which is part of Canada's three-pillar national medical and research strategy to address COVID-19.

As part of the three-pillar plan, close to $115 million of funding will go towards vaccine research and more than $662 million will be for clinical trials led by Canada.

Trudeau has previously said that a vaccine is the long term solution to COVID-19 and life can't get back to normal until we have one.

"The better we understand this virus, its spread, and its impact on different people, the better we can fight it and eventually defeat it," Trudeau said when he announced Canada's plan.

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