City Streets In Canada Are Basically Deserted Due To Social Distancing (PHOTOS)

It looks quiet out there.

Social distancing is the new normal (for now). With everyone keeping away from everyone else as much as possible, the streets are starting to look pretty empty. COVID-19 in Canada has left plenty of big cities looking deserted.

These usually bustling areas of major municipalities have been reduced to looking almost like ghost towns. Rush hour is barely even a thing anymore, as more people work from home to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Even social events have been impacted. St. Patrick's Day has come and gone with a reduction in partying (at the behest of Justin Trudeau, who asked Canadians to find ways to celebrate at home).

Stores have also begun to close in an effort to keep large crowds from gathering. IKEA Canada recently announced its locations would be shuttered across the country for the time being.

Provincial governments have also laid down strict rules on social gatherings, banning events that would have over 250 people, and even more than 50 people in the cases of Ontario and British Columbia.

With all of this taking place, some of the most populous cities in the country are looking emptier than ever. There are some great photos out there documenting just how barren daily life has become.


from vancouver

Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver would usually be bustling with cars and people, but this photo from Redditor bojay9 tells a very different story.


from Calgary

Rush hour has all but become a memory with so many people working from home, or not working at all due to business closures.


from Edmonton

All but four airports in Canada have closed to international flights, and airlines are even starting to limit domestic flights, leaving places like the Edmonton International Airport almost completely empty.


from Winnipeg

Major intersections like Main and Portage in Winnipeg aren't looking like they used to, with only a handful of cars left on the streets.


from ottawa

St. Patrick's Day was a sombre one in Ottawa's usually bustling ByWard Market. This photo from Redditor atomofconsumption shows a dark, empty street free of partiers.


from toronto

Anyone who has taken the subway from Union Station in the morning knows that it is — without question — packed. Not so anymore, with Torontonians staying in and definitely avoiding public transit.


from montreal

Normally a Sunday is a perfect day to get out, run some errands, and enjoy the fresh air. However, even in Montreal, everyone is limiting their time outside.


from halifax

Canada's East Coast isn't immune from the effects of social distancing either. This shot from Halifax shows a sort of quiet isolation in the middle of a workday.